"Eight teachers including our Principal from our small, PK-Grade 8 religious school in northwestern Wisconsin took a "Positive Behavioral Interventions & Support" course through SCT during spring/summer of 2013. As a result of the course, we learned much about PBIS and now we are continuing to develop and plan to implement a PBIS system. The instructor, Tammy Berg, worked with us along the way, and was extremely flexible in allowing us to work on many of the course projects as a team. Thank you Tammy! Looking forward to more professional development coursework with you in the future!"

Differentiation in Middle and High School Classrooms:
Strategies to Engage ALL Learners

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Whether you’re new to differentiated instruction or looking to expand your repertoire of differentiated instruction strategies, this course will show you classroom-tested ways to better engage students and help them succeed every day. As many neurology experts observe, the degree of change experienced by the adolescent brain is matched only by that of the infant brain. These changes affect many aspects of learning and the most fundamental of which is dealing with emotions. Adolescents often devote more time and energy to worrying about whether they are safe and accepted than to caring about whether they are learning. The projected outcome of this course is to provide classroom teachers with the knowledge, understanding, and methodologies needed to create successful differentiated classrooms as well as build healthy teacher-student and student-student relationships. These improved relationships will create community-centered classrooms that will positively impact academic growth.
Instructor: Tammy Berg
Phone: 715-387-4653
Email: info@sctgradclasses.com

A sample syllabus, course objectives, or lesson overviews are available by contacting the instructor.

Colorado State University - Pueblo 3 Spring-Summer-Fall ED 501 (Special Topic Course) Print Based
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