"The class I am taking under Tammy Berg's instruction is both enjoyable and useful. Her assignments focus on important topics in the reading material and lead me to apply the subject matter directly to my job. Her responses to the assignments I've submitted have been quick and helpful. I would recommend Tammy's courses to anyone looking for a worthwhile challenge."
- Steve H.

Relationship, Responsibility, and Regulation: Trauma Invested Practices

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Childhood trauma is real; it is prevalent; and it affects students, their learning, and the adults in their lives quite significantly. In this course students will learn about how to address the need in our students versus getting lost in how they show us their behavior. Further, students will be introduced to the New Three Rs (Relationship, Responsibility, and Regulation) and strategies for how to address student needs using that lens. The projected outcome of this course is to provide educators with the knowledge, understanding, and methodologies needed to invigorate their practice and equip them to empower those they serve—whatever their personal histories.
Instructor: Tammy Berg
Phone: 715-387-4653
Email: info@sctgradclasses.com

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