"SCT worked very well for me in completing my continuing education credits in areas that interested me and were applicable to my job. I was more than impressed with the quality of the text books and the caliber of the assignments. The coursework was meaningful and special attention was given to the application of the material to the classroom. I never felt like an assignment was a waste of time. That is so important in our busy lives. SCT even worked with me to modify some assignments so that they would be more relevant to my position as a specialist. I recommend SCT without hesitation."
- Lynda R.

SPU Registration

This page contains the information you will need to register for print based courses through Seattle Pacific University (SPU). Courses are offered anytime of the year.


SPU partners with SCT Continuing Education Services in extending graduate level quarter credit through distance learning continuing education courses. Note: the conversion from quarter credit to graduate credit is as follows: 5 Quarter Credits = 3.33 Semester Credits 4 Quarter Credits = 2.67 Semester Credits. The SCT course will appear on your SPU transcript as a 5000-Level course.

Seattle Pacific University is accredited by the Washington State Board of Education, Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges, and National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

Courses Offered through SPU:

To find a list of all courses offered through SCT Continuing Education Services, click here.

To browse by subject, click here.

To Register:

To register online for courses through SPU, click here.

On the SPU website click on the magnify glass to view all course options. Select the course you wish to take and "Add" it to your schedule and then proceed to register following the prompts. You will be asked to select a course start date, choose todays date! Complete the rest of the online registration steps.

Your registration will not be processed until payment has been received. SPU will send you a confirmation email and they will also contact SCT Continuing Education Services to confirm your registration. SCT Continuing Education Services will then contact you and send your course materials.

If you have questions regarding registration please contact the Distance Learning Office at 1/800-482-3848 or DLinfo@spu.edu, if you have questions regarding transcripts please contact SPU at 206-281-2034.

Notes for Completing Courses:

Once you are registered, this document will be sent with your course materials. It offers useful information for course completion and answers many frequently asked questions.

American Disabilities Act:

Accommodations will be provided for individuals with documented disabilities or special learning needs. Please contact the instructor for accommodations prior to the beginning of the course.
Additional Information: Click here for more information on Seattle Pacific University.


Please Note: SCT Continuing Education Services does not process transcripts. Please contact SPU directly. A grade report will be sent out approximately 6 weeks after the grade is submitted by the instructor. It is recommended that your completed coursework arrive to us at least 45 days prior to your transcript deadline.

Distance learning courses must be completed in one year unless noted otherwise in the course description. If extenuating circumstances prevent you from completing the course in the allotted time, you may request an extension prior to your course due date by contacting the Distance Learning office at DLinfo@spu.edu.

More specific info on SPU distance learning courses can be found in one of the following two documents:
SPU Distance Learning General Policies & Procedures, and Information How to Access Your Student Account Online